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I’m Rocio, a producer living in New York City. I went to school in Mexico, where I was born and raised, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications specialized in Advertising and started my career before I graduated as an assistant, this is where I learned how to manage and organize small events, such as press conferences and symposiums. Afterwards, I worked at a series of event related jobs that would lead me to concert production, I felt right at home. I’ve been fortunate to be part of all kinds of productions – from theater, to fashion and commercial shoots, to concerts for 15,000 people—I’ve worn many different hats in all of them, this has allowed me to develop and mature my skills as a seasoned producer.


In 2015, I decided to move to New York City where I got the opportunity to develop my creative side by not only producing events, photoshoots and videos, but expanding my skill set to set design for events in the fashion industry while continuing freelancing in projects for international brands, artists and cultural festivals.

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